+ Solutions

What makes DeaMor different? The extra effort. We don't sell products. We provide solutions. Let us help your next project see the light of day.


Safety First: Plan the work and work the plan!

  • Safety is our Core Value
  • Our people are our most important asset and their safety drives all operations
  • Each site has a specific challenge that we address with a comprehensive safety plan
  • Equipment does the heavy lifting – craftsman do the finish work
  • Innovative staging design maximizes productivity
  • Lifts and cranes are used as designed and engineered
  • Material assembly is coordinated to maximize safe access and productivity
  • Skilled union glaziers and sheetmetal workers are the professionals on site
  • Licensed to install throughout Oregon and Washington
  • Adhesion testing of sealants and water tests validate installation
  • Our projects get installed in rain or shine