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Point-Supported Canopy Systems

  • Point supported systems create spacial layers --floating the glass above or below the structure
  • Capturing the glass through holes, the fittings are gasketed to prevent any metal contact with the glass
  • Complex geometric designs can be accomplished with pivoting heads that support the glass in plane
  • Varying stand-off heights can create the glass slope plane above or below a level structure
  • Spider and point fittings are available in several standard engineered configurations
  • Side-mounted Doc and Pin fittings can be used to bring the glass closer to the structure
  • Stainless steel is used for strength and corrosion-resistance, in satin or polished finish
  • Custom stand-offs, machined to suit your design, can also be made in aluminum if color finishing is desired
  • Engineering the glass is complex -- the ratio of glass thickness and number of supports must limit concentrated loads at each holes to prevent stess fractures
  • Exposed glass edges are polished flat and finished with an aris
  • Glass is sloped and engineered to prevent water ponding and maintain a visually straight leading edge

Performance is in the Detail!

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