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Structures Unlimited

Free-spanning, Skylights, Canopies and Building Structures with the beautiful light of Kalwall®

Lynnwood Rec Center

Kalwall® translucent sandwich panels are secured to the Structures Unlimited superstructure to form a durable, rigid, long-lasting structure, which delivers balanced, glare-free daylighting.

Structures Unlimited, Inc. is your single-source supplier for lightweight, low-maintenance structures spanning up to 100 feet. Diffuse, natural daylight can fill any area with glare-free, shadowless illumination.

  • Precision crafted aluminum Box Beams and Trusses are designed for spans exceeding 100-feet
  • Engineered design achieves greater performance
  • Automated manufacturing provides consistently tight tolerances and clean alignments
  • Design-Build services
    • Engineering of loads and reactions imparted to the structure
    • Design collaboration
    • Daylight Modeling
    • Construction details and specifications
    • Installation
  • Skylight roofs rise in soaring expanse
    • Occupants are showered with the light of day
    • Bright, glare-free light is delivered with Kalwall
    • Transparent glass can be added for a striking contrast
  • Canopies light the way
    • Walkway covers from the footing up
    • Entry covers attached to the building face
    • Aluminum columns carry cantilevered roof structures
    • Tie rods brace frames with moment connections to the structure
  • Swimming pool enclosures -- take it from the ground up!
    • Operable skylights open the view to the sky
    • Vertical walls with Kalwall or glass
    • Full design service by our specialized pool experts
  • Rejuvenations with Structures Unlimited
    • Existing conditions are accommodated with engineered design
    • Truss or rigid frame structures are designed to impart reduced loads
    • Sliding connections can relieve stress on existing walls
  • DOD ATFP Blast design for building elements located on defense facilities
  • Removable skylights lift off as a complete assembly for open access to equipment below

Challenge the talented engineers at SUI ─they love it!

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