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What makes DeaMor different? The extra effort. We don't sell products. We provide solutions. Let us help your next project see the light of day.

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SunControl Systems

Control interior light and heat with an exterior solution

  • Sustainable Design goals can be met with exterior shading devices
    • Improve energy performance by reducing the cooling load
    • Increase occupant comfort by reducing glare and heat gain and eliminating dust-laden interior blinds
  • DeaMor SunControl --more than an airfoil!
  • Design solutions using unique shapes or other building materials in creative ways
  • Horizontal, vertical, diagonal --linear or shimmering --slim, profiled, bulky or sleek --it is your design
  • Aluminum fins, blades or custom shapes can be extruded to your design –or selected from our library of unique options
  • Depth and pitch are varied to suit the elevation, location and performance goals
  • Envelope integrity is maintained with waterproof penetrations through the exterior finish skin
  • SunControl systems mount to the building structure with engineered connections and knife plates --provided in our package or as part of the structural steel

If you don’t see it in a catalog, we may have the product to build your vision!

Performance is in the Detail!

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