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What makes DeaMor different? The extra effort. We don't sell products. We provide solutions. Let us help your next project see the light of day.

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Pottery Barn Retail Showroom

Pottery Barn Retail Showroom

Portland Oregon International Airport Concourse

Portland Oregon International
Airport Concourse

Glass Skylights

Bring light into the heart of every project!

Simple to Custom – all projects perform with our monumental system

Rain Screen Design for Envelope Integrity

  • Integral cascading gutter system creates a positive drain to conduct any internal moisture out
  • Flush glazed horizontal joints allow water to flow freely off the glass without ponding
  • Baffled weep system permits moisture to go out and prevents water and air from coming in
  • Air barriers and waterproof membranes integrate with the building envelope

Tested to extreme pressures for air and water to assure weatherproof barriers --both in the lab and in the weather for 25 years in the wet Northwest!

Thermally-broken with extruded thermal blocks, highly insulated flashings and technoform spacers enhance the building thermal envelope

NFRC-Certified full-system thermal values give reliable comparative data to evaluate heat loss and solar gain through the skylight frame and glazing

DOD Blast Design meets stringent structural requirements and protects occupants from flying debris

Protects insulated glass seals with blocking design and weeps at every glazing shelf ---we have never had a seal failure in a DeaMor skylight!

Slope minimum 1:12 to drain and maintain 10-year insulated glass warranties

Structurally glazed at low slopes (1:12 to 3:12) to provide maximum resistance to leaks with no caps and 100% flush exterior seals (for more on Structural Glazing Systems)

DeaMor Dynamic Glazing System delivers advanced technologies!

Our unique Dynamic Glazing System includes raceways for electrical leads and internal wiring with access panels to power supply and control modules

Cables are bundled, labeled and shop-installed for a simple plug-and -play in the field

Flush glazed or capped as required by the product, our Dynamic Glazing Systems provide classic weatherproof performance and leading edge glass technology.

Control daylight -- generate power -- create art!

  • Electrochromic Glass darkens to control heat, while allowing full vision through the glass! (Sage Glass)
  • Integral Louvers in Insulated Glass control light levels with subtle movement of the internal blades. (Unicel Vision Control Glass)
  • Building Integrated Photovoltaics generate electricity in your skylights and canopies (Schott Okasolar Glass)
  • LED embedded glass with points of light in your designed pattern and rhythm (Glassiled)

Performance is in the Detail!

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